SLDN #2- Duct Tape

How To Use Duct Tape Video by SLDN

What’s sticky? What’s shiny? What’s AWESOME? Duct Tape, that’s what. This video explains why it’s so great, and gives some hints and tips as to the best way to use it for bondage. For some of the best bondage involving duct tape about, run by the man who taught me much of what I mention […]

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Dainese Skinsuit

Dainese Team Pro Ski Suit

A series of photos showing off my new Dainese Team Pro Skinsuit for downhill skiing (not that I downhill ski!) I love it and its unusual feeling layers. Outside there is the smooth feeling of Lycra, but with two insulating layers underneath its tight and quite thick. Unfortunately it’s discontinued so you won’t be able […]

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